Running Programs over SSH

This is by far the best thing to use when you are running programs that take a while to complete. The danger is that you lose your SSH connection and your program along with it. Use the following to start...

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Exporting info from AD as CSV

If you want to export AD info as CSV then csvde is the cmd for you, for example:

csvde -s clyde -f users.csv -r objectClass=user -l "givenName, sn, name, sAMAccountName"
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Backing up partions under *nix

dd is your man here. Replace /dev/disk for the disk you are interested in i.e. sda, sdb :

 dd if=/dev/disk of=/path/backup

This will create a full backup of your partition i.e. /dev/sda1:

 dd if=/dev/disk_partition of=/dev/backup 
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