Viewing Email Headers in Outlook 2010

This can be a little tricky to find in different versions of Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook 2010 you have to open the email you are interested in, then on the ribbon tool bar select:

File > info > Properties.

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Compiling Growl 1.3 for Lion

 To begin, make sure you have removed any previous versions of Growl. Instructions here.

You will need to install Mercurial, which can be found here.

Once installed input the following from a terminal:

 mkdir ~/Desktop/tmp cd ~/Desktop/tmp...
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I Always Forget...

 I can't seem to remember this:

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

Which is strange considering how often I use it.

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How to Install Software in the VMware VMA

 I am sure this is not supported and therefore not recommended but installing software in the vSphere Management Assistant is possible as it is just a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 virtual machine. You can use the following to search...

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Converting the VMware VMA Ovf to run on Fusion

 To get the vSphere Management Assistant appliance to run under VMware Fusion use the ovftool. You will need to download the VMA appliance from VMware, extract it and then cd to that directory. You will have to include the full...

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