Running Network WMI Queries on the Command Line


wmic /node:machine_name product get name,version,vendor

Where machine_name is the computer you are interested in. You will need the correct permissions to get to the remote machine. This example just returns installed software.


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Ubuntu Wireless with BCM4322

I have been having issues with the BCM4322 wireless card on my macbook pro under ubuntu. As it turns out after some digging  the BCM4322 driver only supports the 'Rest of World' locale which does not include wireless channels 12...

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Windows 7 Explorer Context Menu Options

Hold down shift when you right click a folder to get some quite useful options:

If you choose ‘Open a command window from here’ and you are in a network location it will automatically...

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Issues with Ubuntu Apache Vhost File

In Ubuntu server after an upgrade to apache, the process can copy your 000-default file and leave it with the name This can cause issues with your vhost config and lead to unpredictable results. If you do have strange...

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Convert a MAC Address with Hyphen to Colons

If you have a MAC delimited with hyphens:


You can convert it to use colons using sed:

echo xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx | sed 's/-/:/g'

Which will output as:


Anything can be replaced:

echo xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx | sed...

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