Quickly Remove Comments from Configuration Files

Configuration files can be long and complex and it is hard to see which values have been set. There are numerous ways to do this however, grep with -v (–invert-match) is a quick way to achieve this. The following example...

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Searching for a DHCP Lease by MAC Address

Sometimes in a large infrastructure it can be hard to find new devices added to the network. Being able to search on MAC address across all DHCP scopes comes in handy. With powershell and windows DHCP server this is easy...

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Batch Convert Images

The quickest way of converting image formats is to use ImageMagick. There are binary releases for most popular operating systems, however in my case I’m using it on OS X. So to install using brew from a terminal use:

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Active Directory Forest Wide User Search

I always have to look this up, I’m not sure what is going on with my memory:

dsquery user forestroot -name search

When you are working on large Active Directories this is somewhat handy. Just replace...

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Quick Method to List Disks in Windows

There are numerous ways to do this. However using the WMI from a command prompt does the job:

wmic diskdrive list brief 

It is quick and easy to remember, having the benefit that it can be...

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