Since Ubuntu 17.10 Artful, ifupdown has been replaced with Netplan. After each session trying to remember how to configure Netplan I seem to forget the locations and syntax. So this is for my aging memory. The configuration files for Netplan live in:


The default install of Ubuntu 18.04 leaves the following file:


As you can see the config file is in yaml. Unless specified manually the default install will give a simple file using DHCP. However for a static IP address customise the following:

             addresses: [,]
    version: 2

If you have any issues with your yaml configuration file then you can use the following to see what is going on:

sudo netplan --debug apply

Which should give you something like, which in this case is successful:

Netplan has many useful features rolled up in a structured configuration file. For more info check out the following links:

Netplan reference

Netplan configuration examples